What is C-Section and Its Complications

Understand the C section, its need and the complexities in it.

»  Cesarean i.e. c-section has to be done several times.
»  Cesarean has more complexities than normal delivery.
»  Having a Caesarean seems to recover from the delivery after the woman seems to have more time.
»  There are many possible causes, due to which Cesarean has to be done.

The trend of Caesarean is increasing rapidly. Many women resort to it only to avoid the pain of labor. But, is it right to do this? Is it the only purpose of getting relief from pain? After all, under what special conditions should C-section should be done. After all, what are the dangers of C-section What should be taken care of before cesarean. To know the answers to all these important questions, read this article-

Caesarean or C-section is the method of delivery, in which the surgery is supported for the birth of the baby. In some circumstances, the C-section is already fixed. In most cases, however, it is circumstantial. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2009, every third child born in America was born through Caesarean. This was two percent more than the year 2008.

Do I need a C-section
Even before going into childbirth several times it is decided that the woman will need to have a Caesarean. Some special circumstances and causes are liable for this –

  If your previous cesarean ‘classical’ vertical uterine is inescence. However this is very rare. In addition to this, you have already done a C-section before.
  If you have only had a cesarean and that too is a harijunal uterine inseian.
•  If you have had to undergo any surgeries related to urinary activity before.
  If you have twins in your womb Generally it is necessary to have a Caesarean.
  If your baby size is bigger than usual If you have diabetes or your previous child is larger than normal
  If your child is in an unusual position in the womb.
  If you are Pleasanteta Previa.
  If there is any kind of obstruction on your abdominal, thereby making normal delivery almost impossible.
  If you are HIV-positive, and blood tests close to the pregnancy show that you have viral load.

Dangers of C-Section
C-section is a major surgery. So its dangers. Women who have a C-section are more prone to infections than women who make normal delivery. They may have more problems like bleeding, blood clotting, postpartum pain, staying in the hospital for longer periods and taking longer to recover after delivery. Apart from this, there may be a rare problem like bladder injury etc.

Research has proved that children born to 39 weeks through C-section are more likely to have respiratory problems than normal birth.

With this, if you are planning more children, then your complications will increase after the Caesarean every time.

However, it is also true that all sections can not be stopped, nor should they be stopped. In some circumstances, the C-section becomes necessary. Without it, the danger to the life of a mother or a child or both can also be borne. Take the matter with your doctor about why you need to have a se-section. Along with this, take full information about the possible benefits and dangers of the C-section.

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