Brown Rice Benefits For Skin and Homemade Face Pack for Skin Whitening and Anti Ageing

Brown rice is generally considered a healthy alternative to white rice (white rice). Brown rice is mostly popular among those who are concerned about their fitness and weight. But do you know that brown rice is also very beneficial for your skin? Yes, brown rice contains a lot of nutrients, which is beneficial for your skin. A face pack made of brown rice enhances your complexion and adds a natural glow to the skin. Let us tell you the easy way to make face pack with this rice and its benefits.

Benefits of Brown Rice For Skin

Brown rice is rich in nutrients, hence it is also considered good for health. It contains good amount of Vitamin B6, Vitamin K and Vitamin E. Apart from this, there is a special element in this rice which is called Pitera. It is a type of liquid, which is made up of amino acids, minerals, organic acids and vitamins. These ingredients are known to reduce skin wrinkles, dark spots and bring glow to the skin. That is why by applying a face pack of brown rice, your skin looks younger, natural and beautiful than its actual age. Continuous use also improves skin.

Important things to make brown rice face pack

•  2 tablespoons brown rice
•  1/2 teaspoon honey
•  1 teaspoon yogurt
•  Rose water spray

Skin Whitening Brown Rice Face Pack Recipe

•  To make this face pack, first grind brown rice and make powder. If you want, you can also buy a packet of ground brown rice from the market.
•  To grind it, you can grind brown rice in a mixer / grinder. You can use its powder in an air tight container for months.
•  Take 2 spoons brown rice powder in a bowl.
•  Add half a teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of yogurt to it.
•  Mix them well with a spoon.
•  If you feel the paste too thick, then you can add a little more yogurt and honey. Just your face mask is ready.

Right Way to Apply Brown Rice Face Pack

•  Apply this face mask on your face and leave it to dry for a while.
•  When the mask dries, sprinkle a little rose water over it, so that it becomes slightly moist again.
•  Now massage this mask in circular motion on the face with the help of your palms (like scrubbing).
•  After massaging for 3-4 minutes, wash the face with plain water.
•  After this, apply a light moisturizer on the face.

You will get these 5 benefits by applying brown rice face mask

•  The antioxidants present in it nourish your skin from within, which makes the skin regain its natural complexion. The magnesium present in brown rice helps to remove skin spots.
•  Brown rice also acts as a good toner. If you want, you can soak brown rice in a little water for 3-4 hours and filter it and use it as a toner.
•  This face pack keeps your skin young for a long time as it erases the marks of premature aging on the skin and makes the skin soft.
•  The special feature of this face pack is that when you massage it in circular motion in the last step, it acts like a scrub and removes the dead skin cells of your face.
•  Brown rice contains selenium, which increases the elasticity of the skin, making the skin more soft and bouncy.

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