4 Best Sleeping Positions For Healthy Body And Mind

In these 4 positions, your health is better than gold, because the reasons
»  If you sleep well, then sleep 6-7 hours is enough.
»  Gold in the back is the most ideal condition of gold.
»  The pillow applied under the head is also important.

Gold is essential for our well-being, but due to sleeping too many times, many problems are also suffered. According to a research, most people sleep their whole life, resulting in pain in the body, diseases of the bones and diseases of the nervous system. If you sleep well, then 6-7 hours of sleep is enough for you and this gives the whole body energy to work again. Let us tell you some such positions of gold, where the fountain is beneficial to you.

Gold in the back is the most ideal condition of gold. This is also called Soldier Sleeping Position. Doctors often recommend sleeping in this position. This keeps your spinal cord straight and does not cause unnecessary acid in the stomach.

Sleep on the Waist
Put a pillow under the knees to maintain the waist curve while sleeping on the back of the waist. This will maintain the natural curve of your lower back and also reduce pressure on it. To give extra support to the waist, you can apply it by using a towel roll instead of Taka. If you sleep on the waist, then try not to use pillows under your head as it turns your head to an unnatural angle. Both of your legs should be straight. It does not make much emphasis on your waist and hip muscles. You can sleep comfortably.

Curved Gold is Also Good
The best position for sleeping is to lay down. You should lie down that you have both legs together. Sleeping in this position does not put too much pressure on your body. Your pelvic area is also right, as well as your nervous system also keeps doing the right thing. If you can keep the pillow between the two legs, then it can be the best position of gold.

Pillow Sleep
The pillow applied under the head is also important. If you sleep slowly, pillow should be the right support for the head and neck. This also helps the spinal cord. This pillow should be slightly thicker than the pillows under the head of those who sleep in the waist. The cushioned pillars of the waist should be between your neck and the bed and the head should not be tilted forward.

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