Bacteria Will Prevent Cavity

Now the bacteria will prevent themselves from the tooth decay

»  Drying of the teeth can affect the entire body, affecting
»  Due to the enzyme biosynthesis M. rotting teeth.
»  By changing the jeans it will now be the rescue.
»  Take advice from the doctor for the rottenness of the dent.

Due to decay of teeth, gums are also affected and they are also gingival diseases of gingivitis. In it the gums become red and flowers also cause problems in eating. The care of the mother becomes also important because every part of our body is dependent on the other part. There are problems in eating, drinking, and talking due to any type of problem in the teeth.

Tooth Decay
A research on the bacteria that caused rashes (cavities) in the teeth has shown that those bacteria that cause degradation in the teeth will be destroyed by the same chemicals that they nourish. The researchers of the Rochester Medical Center of America Has discovered such jeans that helps the surviving bacteria on acid-derived acid survive. According to researchers, these genes can be altered by bacteria by their own nutritional system. Streptococcus mutations (S. Mutons), which cause the catabolism, flourish due to the enzyme ‘Biosyntheses M’ emitting from the body. According to researchers, the prevention of this enzyme is S. The capacity for mutation bacteria is reduced by 10 thousand times. According to the researcher Robert J. Quiwe, ‘Our first goal is to kill the bacteria that is responsible for the decomposition of teeth, with its own acid. Hopefully, after this we will get success in fighting bacteria that do not have the effect of antibiotic. ‘

How To Keep Teeth Safe
To avoid the problems of teeth and gums, stay in contact with the dentist. Ask the right way to brush a dentist and learn how to keep teeth and gums right. Brush every day for at least 2 minutes. Make sure to brush before sleeping and keep in mind that after drinking sweet, drink water.
When we eat sweet, then acid is formed in our mouth, which damages the animal. Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
Keep in mind that the brush of toothbrush is soft. Change the brush every 3 to 4 months and contact the dentist every 6 months.

Any discomfort in our teeth or in the gums can affect our entire health and our entire personality.

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