6 Things That Could Damage Your Beautiful Skin

These 6 bad habits are ruining your beauty, leave them

»  Her perfect care for healthy skin is essential.
»  Sleeping by putting makeup leads to skin damage.
»  Swimming is good for health, but not for skin.

In skin care you not only try to make your skin healthy and beautiful, but also try to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Although we make every necessary effort to keep our skin delicate and gentle, we still do away with many things. It has to bear the brunt of our skin. Let’s know, some things that can harm your skin.

Pillow and bacteria
It is quite dangerous for your skin. If you fall asleep without making a makeup, then it greatly damages your skin. Make-up closes the skin of your skin. This does not allow the symbiogram to breathe properly. This may be due to complaints of Pimples and Acne. Not only this, if you fall asleep with make-up, then it can be bacteria in pillows. When you sleep again on that pillow, then that bacterial infection can damage your skin.

Drink more coffee
Coffee can make you energetic, but it can harm your skin. By consuming more coffee, your age increases and wrinkles begin to grow. It is ok to drink two cups of coffee a day, but when you drink more than enough, the process of aggravating aggravates.

Swimming can be a great way to keep you fit, but it’s not good for your skin. Chlorine is added to the water of the swimming pool to keep it clean, but this chlorine can make your skin dry. Chlorine stole natural moisture from your skin, causing your skin to become rigid and lifeless. Even after bathing with the shower, chlorine does not completely remove your skin. So you need good body wash and scrubber to remove chlorine from your skin.

More time in the spa
Taking a spa regularly is not good for the skin. This causes your skin to lose its natural flexibility. If you like to go to the Golden Spa daily, you can harm your skin.

Breaking the Pimples
You would have felt like breaking the pimples is the easiest way to get rid of it, but by doing so you harm your skin. When you break a pimple, the bacteria present in it and the dirt gets deep into the skin of the skin, leaving a permanent scar. And the possibility of getting more and more other pimples also increases. So, next time you will not try to remove Pimples, but try to remove it from domestic products.

Mobile Phone
We spend a lot of time all day on mobile. Completely unaware that it can be a reason for the excane. If you see more darkness in the face of your face, then it is a sign that you are talking more on a mobile phone. Bacteria are accumulated on the mobile phone’s screen and when you talk to a mobile phone for a long time, this bacterium becomes the cause of pimples. One way to avoid this is to keep your mobile screen clean and use handsfree to talk.

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